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Pear Hedgehogs as Wholefood

I hope you all had a very nice and lovely start into the Christmas season! Due to my work as a motorcycle garment designer, end of November and beginning of December is for me in general also a time of changes. On the one hand I am busy with finalizing some details of next year’s collection and on the other hand I have already started with making my thoughts about the follow up season which means collecting ideas for 2014. In case of Food Vegetarisch and my food photography my planning horizon is clearly shorter. Nevertheless I already began setting the course for the next year :-).

Last summer I joined for the first time a Food Styling & Photography Workshop, which was a great experience. And inspired by this, I followed later this year the decor8 e-course Blogging Your Way Boot Camp run by Holly Becker. Unfortunately also this course is now finished. But I found out that in March 2013 there will be the next blogging class and it is very likely that I will join it again. And besides of this, Meeta from What’s for Lunch Honey who was one of the teachers of the Food Styling & Photography Workshop in Weimar has announced on her blog that there will be a Supperclub Food Styling and Photography Workshop in London, UK next year in February. And as London is one of my favourite cities and as the workshop is also about Indian/Pakistani kitchen which I just like very much, I decided that it is a very good idea to register for this workshop so that I can now already look forward to this thrilling event.

But although I am already looking forward to these workshops it is still the here and now which I enjoy most. And to this belong also nice little rituals, like trying out further recipes from my mum’s recipe collection like the pear hedgehogs which are part of this post. What I like about this dessert is that it is a welcome alternative to all the sweet and rich food temptations which December usually brings. Not only that it is less rich and a little bit more healthy compared to all the other desserts, with which I have fallen in love so far, the pear hedgehodgs also look very cute. In my mum’s  version the pears are first to be cooked in sugar water and then decorated by using cacao, almond slivers and raisins. When I created my pear hedgehogs I slightly modified the original recipe by replacing the sugar with honey. By this you have now even a wholesome dessert to enjoy.

Vollwertige Birnenigel | food-vegetarisch.de

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Birnen | food-vegetarisch.de

Vollwertige Birnenigel | food-vegetarisch.de

Vollwertige Birnenigel | food-vegetarisch.de

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