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Grilled Zucchini Salad

“May has arrived” – oh, how nice that sounds! Although, if May would know about my expectations this year, especially when it comes to weather, I would not be surprised, if the May would try to hide again as soon as possible. But this is something that I hope will not happen. Indeed, I already visualize endlessly long (and many) cozy barbecues: with friends in their gardens or me on my balcony. And when it comes to the culinary aspects I already have many ideas. But when it comes to the barbecue place, I am still busy preparing right now, by changing the balcony step by step back to a nice place for a barbecue. Somehow every year I am amazed, how green balcony stones can become during the winter season.

One recipe which I plan to serve on my first barbecue this year is, for sure, the grilled zucchini salad with pine nuts and feta cheese which I discovered in the German book Mein GrillvergnĂĽgen: Leichte Rezepte, Marinaden und mehr* by Lisa Lemke. I also introduced this book last week on my blog. And with the first nice spring weather we had here in the north of Germany, I tried out this recipe and additionally I had the opportunity to enter my neighbour’s garden. I directly took the chance for some small outdoor food shooting to arrange some fresh spring setting for the salad. And of course I afterwards also ate the salad outdoors which was done almost within minutes because the zucchini salad tasted very delicious also in the variation which I had tried out by replacing the mozzarella by feta cheese and the oregano by basil. The grilled zucchini salad is also my contribution to Simone’s Junglefrog Cooking April Spring is in the air – photography and styling challenge.

Gegrillter Zucchinisalat |

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20130414-Gegrillter Zucchinisalat |

Gegrillter Zucchinisalat |

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