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Sometimes certain things just need their time to develop before they turn out and you know: Yes, that is the right thing and the right time for me :). This has happened recently to me when it comes to social media. Since I can remember I like to share ideas, knowledge and other nice stuff which inspires me. But the final kick to do it also on other social media places than my blog was done by joining the current decor8 BYW Boot Camp class which is run by Holly Becker. Maybe you already noticed that the numbers of social media buttons on my blog have increased during the last weeks and that they are now positioned on the right side of the header so that you can get from there very easy to the places where you can find me online.

I started with my Twitter account beginning of this month. There, I am tweeting as @foodvegetarisch about topics like photography and food and every now and then I share also other infos and links which might be also of interesest or useful or inspiring for you like they are for me. And of course, I also let you know on Twitter if there is a new blog post on Food Vegetarisch. Pinterest is another social media application which I discovered recently. Besides of pinning photos, tutorials and books about food and photography I share also My To-Cook-List and My Having-Cooked-List with recipes from other food blogs which I like to visit regularly. And you can find there also boards with other stuff I like, which reaches from quotes till places I would like to visit. On Flickr you can also find some of my photos. In addition to pictures from my blog I publish also other favourite photos there, mostly about places I have visited.

And now let me introduce the youngest member of my new little social media family which is the Facebook Fanpage for Food Vegetarisch. This page I have just published so that you even might be the first one to press the  “Like Button” :). On Facebook I plan to inform my readers also about new blog posts. But I want to give also some further “behind the scenes” infos about Food Vegetarisch and share other stories and links which are not part of my regular blog posts. And although networking online is a great opportunity to keep in touch with others, I think meeting in the real world is even more fun and you can serve also some party food, like these funny eggs guys which I also discovered in my mums 50ies recipe collection.


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