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Vegetarian Moussaka with Lentils

Sometimes the obvious is so close that I need some external inspiration to get to it. Even when cooking this sometimes happens to me. The best example is the vegetarian moussaka, which I am presenting today. Actually, the recipe in which I replaced the minced meat, that is often used for moussaka, by black lentils, is the result of six wooden cubes which are called VEGGIE CUBES*. And that, although there are already several recipes on the blog, in which I used lentils instead of minced meat like the spaghetti with black lentils.

Anyway, this time I just needed the VEGGIE CUBES as my source of inspiration. By tossing them I got the ingredients for my planned dish. And this is also the purpose of this very nice gimmick that consists of a jar with six wooden cubes from beechwood and which is made in Germany. Each cube is assigned to a particular category, ranging from vegan proteins to vegetarian proteins up to the categories of vegetables, seasonings, carbohydrates and preparation. Actually you do not necessarily need to use all six dices. I just did it this time. And by this I got the ingredients potatoes, lentils, feta, aubergine, salsa and the preparing method escallop. From this moment the way to the vegetarian moussaka was a pretty short one so that you can find now the recipe here.

Vegetarisches Moussaka | Rezept |

[yumprint-recipe id=’61’]Vegetarisches Moussaka | Rezept |

Vegetarisches Moussaka | Rezept |

Vegetarisches Moussaka | Rezept |

Zutaten für vegetarisches Moussaka | Rezept |

VEGGIE CUBES | Vorstellung auf


Thank you VENISIS GmbH for the VEGGIE CUBES. Nevertheless my opinion is my own.

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