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Rolled Oats Crossies

Today it will again get a little sweeter here. If you already follow my blog for some time, you definitely have noticed that I have a certain preference when it comes to sweets and desserts. Therefore it is also still hard for me to think of a life completely without sugar. At the same time I admire those, who live their life sugar free. But what I would like to do at least is to minimize my sugar consumption. This wish having in mind I read the German version of An Eater’s Manual which I introduced last week also on my blog. And while reading it I suddenly noticed how much easier things can become if you just change your perspective a little bit, because in this little book about nutrition I found this rule number 45 “Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself“. The philosophy behind this strategy it that one of our problems is that foods that are labor or money intensive like sweets, deep-fried stuff or pastries have gotten very cheap and easy to produce which have made us to treat them as everyday food. One way to curb that and still enjoy those foods is to make them by your own because then it would be very likely that you would much more seldom eat them – because of all the efforts and work it takes to prepare them.

If I will follow this strategy now very strictly, this I still have to find out. But of course, I can try it at least again and again :) And with my mums recipe collection from the 50ies I have in any case already a good friend because it still contains some further recipes for sweets. About the Homemade Toffee I already wrote on this blog some time ago. Today it is now about Oat Flakes Crossies. Till now I knew and loved rolled oats mainly as porridge and recently also as Apple-Pancakes with Rolled Oats. But these Crossies I can also just recommend very much. Therefore just make them by yourself. And what I also would like to know, is to learn more about your strategies to live with all the sweet treats around you.

Haferflocken Crossies | food-vegetarisch.de

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Haferflocken Crossies | food-vegetarisch.de

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