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Rice pears

When it comes to food-blog events or challenges I am still a newbie. But what I already learned from participating with my Bulgur Salad with Bell Pepper and Zucchini and with my Turkish Zucchini Fritters at Meeta’s Monthly Mingle Events is, that it is a great mix of fun and also of challenge to be part of such an event. And above all it is a very joyful way to discover other gorgeous food-blogs. Simone from Junglefrog Cooking, a food blog which you should definitely visit, has started this month her all white theme photography & styling challenge which is running through complete September. When I read Simone’s post about her photography & styling challenge I found it very appealing. Usually when I photograph food I have first the food/recipe in mind and then the styling which would match to the food. But this challenge now has made me thinking the other way round and leaving my current comfort zone. Meaning, this time my first step was to find a recipe which would match an all white styling with maybe one or two side colors, highlighting the white. Besides this, I also wanted to choose a recipe which matches my own cooking-projects about which I write on this blog.

Therefore I directly checked my mother’s recipe collection from the 50ies to see if it contains any white looking interesting recipe. And indeed, I found a recipe called Rice Pears (Reisbirnen in German). It is a dessert made from cooked pears covered by rice pudding. As my mother wrote down all these recipes by hand from different magazines, which she could not buy at that time, her cookbook does not contain any pictures or photos, just a few drawings when it comes to the typical German 50ies finger food :) so this part is another creative challenge I appreciate very much when cooking something from her book as I have no optical idea how the recipe should look like in the end. Nevertheless, sometimes I am searching the World Wide Web also for some clues. This time I did it as well in English as in German, but in the end I did not even find any similar recipe. Therefore you can see now my very own white interpretation of this recipe.

Rice pears dessert || FOOD VEGETARISCH

[yumprint-recipe id=’189′]Rice pears dessert || FOOD VEGETARISCH

Rice pears dessert || FOOD VEGETARISCH

Rice pears dessert || FOOD VEGETARISCH

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