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Gluten-Free Baking: Carrots-Buckwheat-Tarte

Turn 3 into 1. – This is what happened to me when I made these gluten-free carrot-buckwheat-tarts because my inspiration source this time consists of three of my current favorite cookbooks. These cookbooks I also have introduced here, here and here more into detail.

In the beginning there was a recipe for a fennel-coconut-tart in the The Green Kitchen*. The idea to use a filling mixture of eggs and coconut milk with vegetables but without any cheese I liked right away, also due to the milk protein intolerance of my loved one. The only thing was that I did not had any fennel at that time, but a lot of carrots.

Glutenfrei Backen: Karotten-Buchweizen-Tarte |

Fortunately I recently read in Leon: Fast Vegetarian* that you can replace fennel by carrots very well when you prepare vegetable dishes. Besides this, I already had marked a recipe for a gluten-free shortcrust pastry in the book Backen mit Buchweizen – glutenfrei mit Genuss* for some time, in which it was used e.g. for mini-quiches, and this I wanted to try now as well.

Glutenfrei Backen: Karotten-Buchweizen-Tarte |

Furthermore my new mini tart tins were already waiting for a long time for their debut. And so it happened that as a premiere I did these gluten-free carrot-buckwheat-mini-tarts, which, by the way, turned out to be surprisingly filling, and together with a salad they worked very well as a complete meal. Of course they are, because of their size, also ideal as a starter.

Glutenfrei Backen: Karotten-Buchweizen-Tarte |

According to Leon: Fast Vegetarian, you can replace fennel not only by carrots, but also very well by parsnips, celery or celeriac. By this, you can guess, which other tart variations I still plan to try as well. And I wish a lot of fun when you do your tart experiments!

Glutenfrei Backen: Karotten-Buchweizen-Tarte |

Glutenfrei Backen: Karotten-Buchweizen-Tarte |

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