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Flapjacks | Homemade Granola Oat Bars

Do you know flapjacks? Flapjacks are my new discovery of the last weeks – for the man of my choice they are a rediscovery :). – As well in the United Kingdom as in Ireland baked oat bars are called flapjacks. You can bake them at home but they are also available in shops, ready packaged. And thanks to Hafervoll you will be able to buy them also in Germany in the near future. About Hafervoll I recently wrote a post and through this I also heard for the first time about flapjacks. In order to learn more about them, the man of my choice ordered directly some from the English Shop in Cologne so that I could enjoy my very first flapjack. And what I can tell you is, that they are very delicious but also very rich! In addition to rolled oats there are usually also syrup and butter in a flapjack and, in case of the ready packaged items, you also have to expect some unwanted food additive, which is not that nice.

But you can bake flapjacks also at home. In the internet there are different recipes available for the British original, but Robert from Hafervoll also shows in a video on how easy it is to bake your oat bars at home, following the general way, how flapjacks are made. The advantage is, that this way, you can control your ingredients and you can experiment with adding different ingredients following your personal taste. And this is what I have started to do regularly since I have seen that video. And a first personal favourite I already discovered: it is a mixture made with popped amaranth and flax seeds. For this I had to slightly modify the original proportions as the popped amaranth and the flax seeds need more liquid than the proposed nut mixture. I also plan to try out another version with nuts and chocolate soon. And I am curious about the two kind of oat bars which Hafervoll plans to offer. Their crowd-funding promotion, where I already pre-ordered my test box, still runs untill 5th September 2013. And in case you want to bake your own oat bars now then take a look at the video by Hafervoll or try the combo with popped amaranth and flax seeds.

Flapjacks | Selbstgemachte Haferriegel |

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Zutaten fĂĽr Flapjacks |

Flapjacks | Selbstgemachte Haferriegel |

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