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Filled Braided Christmas Bread

Do you have any favourite Christmas tradition from your childhood you still love to remember? When I was little my mother used to tell us on the Advent Sundays the story of a dwarf man and his wife. They lived deep in the forest and took care of all the animals there. In front of their small hut stood a little fir tree. On the first Advent the little fir tree got from the dwarf man four bowls with light and was asked to take good care of the lights during the dark season which was coming. Unfortunately during the story one light after the other expired. And whenever a light expired this was also the sign for us to break into the story to continue it on the next Advent Sunday. In the end, also the last light expired and the little tree was very sad. But when her last light expired instead of this the Christmas star started to shine bright and all animals like the rabbit and the deer came together to celebrate with the dwarves Christmas.

Actually it was not only the story that I loved so much but also the decoration my mum had done by herself as fretworks (including the drawings) more than 40 years ago to illustrate this story: A little fir tree on which you can add 4 small candles and an Advent wreath with the main story characters. Meanwhile she gave me these little personal nostalgic artworks and you can imagine that they are still my very favourite Christmas decoration. And in my mum’s recipe collection I discovered also a Christmas recipe for a Filled Braided Christmas Bread which I tried out now for the very first time and which works very well. It is made from yeast while the filling is with almonds and semolina. As well being fresh from the oven as during the next days it tastes very well: Fresh from the oven it is still warm while, if you wait a little bit, the filling has time to soak and the marzipan taste is stronger.

GefĂĽllter Weihnachtszopf | food-vegetarisch.de

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Nostalgische Weihnachten | food-vegetarisch.de

GefĂĽllter Weihnachtszopf | food-vegetarisch.de

GefĂĽllter Weihnachtszopf | food-vegetarisch.de

The Filled Braided Christmas Bread is also my contribution to Simone’s Junglefrog Cooking December sparkly and festive – photography and styling challenge and to this month’s Monthly Mingle Christmas cakes event which is created by Meeta from What’s for Lunch Honey and hosted this month as well by Simone.

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