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10 Thoughts about.. Buckwheat | ..and a Recipe for gluten-free Pizza Rolls

Since the man of my choice has noted that he has a wheat intolerance, we use regularly buckwheat. And I also have started to love the slightly nutty flavor of it. Whether flaked in my morning fresh grain dish or baked in cookies, cakes or rolls, I just love buckwheat. Sure, that I now have done also my thoughts on buckwheat. In addition, this time, you get a recipe for gluten-free pizza rolls, which I discovered in the book Backen mit Buchweizen* from Modesta Bersin. And here are now my 10 Thoughts about.. Buckwheat.

  • Despite the name, buckwheat is not a cereal. Instead of this it is classed as a pseudocereal 1).
  • Buckwheat does not belong – as the usual cereals – to the the grass family. It belongs to the Polygonaceae family such as sorrel. Accordingly buckwheat is also gluten-free and therefore very suitable for people with coeliac disease 2).
  • In German buckwheat ( Fagopyrum) is also called Schwarzes Welschkorn, Heidekorn, Hadn or Gricken 1).
  • Its name comes from its triangular seeds, which resemble the much larger seeds of the beech nut from the beech tree 3).
  • In 1999 the genuine buckwheat ( Fagopyrum esculentum) was chosen as medicinal plant of the year in Germany 4).
  • The effectiveness of buckwheat in chronic venous insufficiency has now been proven by clinical studies 3, 4).
  • A loaf of bread can be called buckwheat bread if 20 % of the flour is from buckwheat while the rest of the flour is from wheat or rye 1).
  • In Austria buckwheat is known as Jauntaler Hadn and it is considered as traditional food 1).
  • The world’s largest buckwheat importer is Japan. Almost the complete buckwheat production of Canada, Australia and part of the Chinese buckwheat is imported. The Japanese make noodles from the buckwheat flour. Soba (Japanese荞麦) is a Japanese term for buckwheat as well as a very popular buckwheat noodle 3).
  • Coming from the experience that blini baking is not so easy and that you mostly will get unattractive lumps in the beginning, there is the Russian saying “Perwy blin – komom” – “The first blini is always a lump”, which simply means: “All beginning are difficult!” 3).

Glutenfreie Buchweizen-Brötchen | food-vegetarisch.de

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10 Thoughts about.. Buckwheat | 10 Gedanken zu.. Buchweizen

Rezept für glutenfreie Buchweizenbrötchen | food-vegetarisch

10 Thoughts about.. Buckwheat | 10 Gedanken zu.. Buchweizen


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