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10 Thoughts about..Sage | ..and a Recipe for Sage Tea

And it is already time again, to give some Thoughts about... Maybe also inspired by the current waves of flu and cold which happen almost everywhere these days, I have chosen sage this time. A herb which cannot only be used for cooking but also for making tea which has a balmy influence. So here are my 10 Thoughts about.. Sage and a little recipe for making fresh sage tea.

  • Sage (salvia) is one of the oldest medicinal herbs 1).
  • In the species salvia about 800 to 1100 plants can be differed 2).
  • Depending on origin and location the content and composition of the flavoured essential oils of each salvia sort can be very different 3).
  • The healing power of sage is also indicated by the name salvia which is derived from salvare, the latin word for healing 2).
  • A question which was already asked by the old Romans, is “Cur moriatur homo, cui salva crescit in horis?” – “Why dies the human when salvia grows in his garden?” (Arrowsmith 2007, S. 486) 3).
  • Other German names for salvia are die schmale Sofie or das Zahnblatt. In the past, sage even was called the feminine way “die Salbei” 3, 4).
  • In ancient Egypt, sage was used as a remedy agains infertility. In antiquity non-medical practitioners applied this aromatic smelling herb against digestive problems and toothache 4).
  • Common Sage (Salvia officinalis) can relieve hoarseness and sore throat, soothe inflamed gums and help against excessive sweating 2, 4, 5).
  • But sage is also one of the plants that you should not take for a long period at a high dose. If there is an overdosage (more than 15 g sage leaves per day) the contained thujone is toxic 5).
  • Fresh sage leaves can be stored in a freezer bag in the refrigerator for several days. The dried sage leaves should be sealed and kept cool and dark 3).

Salbeitee | food-vegetarisch.de

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Salbei | food-vegetarisch.de


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