Spaghetti with black Lentils

I already mentioned it, that not only I, but also the man of my choice liked the taste very much: spaghetti with black lentils after a recipe from the paperback Mami, ist das vegan?* about which I wrote last week here. And today, I will share this recipe so that everyone can get an idea about it. Because in the book, the original recipe comes without any photos of the finished dish.

Spaghetti with black Lentils | Spaghetti mit schwarzen Linsen |

Beluga Lentils | Linsen |

Having this recipe source, it is of course, obvious that this dish is not only vegetarian, but also vegan and lactose free. Moreover, meanwhile I use mostly pasta made of whole spelt flour. This means, you can consider this dish also as whole foods. Of course, according whole foods, homemade ​​whole spelt pasta would be the best. But according this post which I read on the Vollwert-Blog, pasta made of whole spelt flour are already a better compromise than those made of semolina.

By the way, the beluga lentils in this dish were also a very positive tasty surprise for me. One reason for this was probably the combination with the tomatoes. Actually, in the solo version they could not convince me so far. But in the mix they were great. In addition, we noticed that these black lentils were also very suitable for sensitive digestive persons like my dearest eater – e.g. they were more digestible than red lentils. Thus it is more than likely that we will now enjoy more regularly the spaghetti with black lentils. You just have to start in time with the cooking, but you do not have to do much for it and in the end you will be rewarded with a plate full of spaghetti with a delicious sauce.

Spaghetti with black Lentils | Spaghetti mit schwarzen Linsen |

Spaghetti with black Lentils | Spaghetti mit schwarzen Linsen |

Spaghetti with black Lentils
Serves 2
  1. 120 g beluga lentils
  2. 1-2 garlic cloves (finely chopped)
  3. 1-2 spring onions (finely chopped)
  4. olive oil
  5. 2 tomatoes
  6. salt | pepper
  7. curry powder
  8. 200 g whole (spelt) pasta
  1. Wash the lentils and cook them for 30 minutes in 1 liter of water. Then drain the water.
  2. Peel the tomatoes and dice them. Heat up the olive oil over low heat in a frying pan. Steam the garlic and spring onions for a few minutes until soft. Then add the tomatoes and lentils. Season with salt, pepper and curry powder.
  3. Cook the spaghetti in a large pot of boiling salted water until al dente and serve them with the lentils and tomato mixture.
vegan | vegetarian
Adapted from the book "Mami, ist das vegan?"
Adapted from the book "Mami, ist das vegan?"

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