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Rösti with Sage and Garlic

What is the difference between röstis and potato pancakes? This question came to my mind when I discovered the recipe for potato cakes with sage and garlic in the German book In der Küche mit Alain Passard*, which I presented here last week. Also none of the people I asked could give me a sufficient answer. So I asked Wikipedia and learned that röstis are flat out patties made of grated cooked potatoes or raw potatoes. These are baked in hot butter or fat and they are only bound by the starch contained in the potatoes. In contrast potato pancakes are made of grated or ground potatoes, egg and flour.

Potato cakes are typical German while rösti is a Swiss dish, but it is eaten only in the German-speaking part of the country. It is portrayed as a stereotypical identifier of Germanic culture, as opposed to the Latin one. The line separating the French and German speaking sides is jokingly also called the Röstigraben, literally the rösti ditch. Having this in mind, it is now especially charming that I am showing you today a recipe for Rösti with Sage and Garlic which was developed by a Frenchman. This rösti dish requires only potatoes, sage, garlic, butter and salt. So you can expect today a very tasty example of the easy kitchen, in which the striking combination of the ingredients makes the special taste – as long as you like sage. For the man of my choice it was in fact a bit too much sage. And to get rid of the rips of the sage leaves I even have following tip: The easiest way you can do this is to fold the sheets lengthwise and pull out the main rib by hand.

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