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Rice Route | Next Stop Turkey: Stuffed Peppers [Biber Dolmasi]

They are easy to prepare, come in countless variations and the ones I have tried so far, have been always very delicious. Nevertheless, I seldom prepare them by myself. The talk is about stuffed peppers. One needs just to cook the filling. And while this is simmering, you can prepare the bell peppers. Finally, you just have to fill the peppers and then finish the cooking in the oven or in a closed top. The challenge for me is though, that one should start early with all this, since the filling needs to simmer for 15-20 minutes and then the peppers need to be cooked for another 20-30 minutes.

But often I am totally absorbed by my daily activities, that very suddenly I notice that I actually should have already started to prepare a warm meal. In this situation I usally prepare pasta dishes or fried vegetables that do not need too much cooking time. But nevertheless, those dishes that need a little bit more preparation in the beginning and then can nearly be left alone while cooking, are totally awesome … if you start in time. This works also for the Turkish Stuffed Peppers (Biber Dolmasi) that I want to introduce today as part of my rice route. The recipe is, once again, from one of my favourite cooking books World Vegetarian Classics* by Celia Brooks Brown. And in case you want to know whereelse I already stopped during my rice route, just have a look here.

Gefüllte Paprika |

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Gefüllte Paprika |

Gefüllte Paprika |

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