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Pasta with Kale and Chili

The vegetable that I have definitely newly discovered this winter for me, is kale. And that although I am from a confirmed kale region in Northern Germany. A region where lonely winter walks can be a real challenge. Because usually you will meet at least one bunch of people, armed with a toy wagon and an ample supply of beverages who are on a cabbage walk which is called in German Kohlfahrt. And although this is about cabbage/kale the dishes which will be eaten in the end of those Kohlfahrten are not vegetarian at all. Usually in our region kale is served with Pinkel and Kassler.

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But you can prepare kale also in a vegetarian way and also without cooking it for what feels forever. In how many different ways you can prepare kale, I became aware, since also a large bag filled with kale is a regular guest in our regional vegetable box. Anyone who has never tried kale chips, should definitely catch up on this. The same applies for kale pesto. Both are very tasty recipes that I have discovered in the past few weeks for me. Some other kale recipes you can find on my Recipes | To Try Pinterest pinboard.

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As a further source for kale recipes I discovered, once again, the cookbook River Cottage Everyday Veg* by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, which I have already presented in detail here. In this book you can also find the recipe for pasta with kale, chili and garlic, which became for me, in a slightly different version, an ideal dish for my spontaneous hunger cravings. You only need to cook the pasta and add the coarsely chopped kale just 3 minutes before the end of the cooking time. In the meantime you add in a pan some olive oil, finely chopped shallots, chili and garlic to enrich the taste. To finish the dish you just mix the poured pasta-kale-mixture with the olive oil. And voilà – lunch (or dinner) is ready. If you like, you still can add plenty of grated cheese over the pasta.

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