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Rice Route | Next Stop Iran: Saffron-Barberries-Rice and a Giveaway

I want to try too! – These were my thoughts when I read the following dialogue: »What is your favorite food?« – »Rice!« – »Rice? Just rice?« – »Yes! Just rice.« – »How boring.« This kind of conversation was hold worldwide  at least once by each Persian outside his country. And any Non-Persian, who then »just only tried rice«, thinks afterwards »My life had been one big lie so far!«.

You can find this dialogue on the homepage of Reishunger, a German company who sells (almost) everything rice-related. I also wrote about their rice varieties last year here. And the mentioned favorite food is a saffron-barberry-rice, which I have meanwhile also tried for my virtual rice journey. On their page Reishunger also added : Okay, maybe it is not quite so dramatic, but »just rice« … can actually be very tasty, which I can also confirm now. Not only the saffron, but also the barberries are responsible for a delicious taste and a very good look, especially in combination with the mint and cucumber yogurt, which is traditionally served with this dish.


Saffron, Barberries & Sadri Rice | Safran, Berberitzen & Sadri Reis |



Ingredients for Cucumber-Mint-Yoghurt | Zutaten für Gurken-Minz-Joghurt |



And then there is this crispy golden rice crust – so-called Tadik, which is so typical for this rice dish, and which is very delicious. However, when I tried to prepare the rice, this crust turned out to be very stubborn. In the recipe it is recommended to place the rice upside down for serving. But this has not worked out too well for me, because the crust had taken a very close relationship with the bottom of the pot. So I decided “spontaneously” to follow serving option B, which meant that I spooned out the rice and served the crust on top of the rice. This did not have any influence on the look and the taste of it. Maybe I was just a little too economical with the butter or too impatient to wait for the crust … things I definitely still want to find out.

Persisch Polo Box von Reishunger

And if you have become also curious to try out this dish now, this time you get the recipe and the chance to win a complete Persisch Polo Box from Reishunger. This fancy recipe box contains the main ingredients for the saffron-barberries-rice and the mint-cucumber-yogurt including a recipe card. By the way, meanwhile you can get this kind of recipe boxes for all kind of rice dishes, from rice pudding to sushi. And because of their fancy packages they are also great to give away. So just browse the Reishunger page for some inspiration and the English recipe you can also find here.

[yumprint-recipe id=’41’]

Saffron-Barberry-Rice | Safran-Berberitzen-Reis |

And for the drawing of the Persisch Polo Box via Food Vegetarisch the rules are: Anyone can participate, who is over 18 years old and has a shipping address in Germany. All you have to do is :

  • Just leave me until 22 March 2014, 23:59 o’clock a comment why you would like to win the Reisbox .
  • Use your correct email address so I can also reach the winner!
  • If you also share the post which I will post on Facebook public (!), you will participate with another lot in the draw.
  • And as always : The decision is final and the prize can not be paid in cash.

The winners will be announced on Sunday, 23 March 2014 on the blog and will also receive an email notification. He/she has then 7 days to answer. If this is not the case, another winner will be drawn.

I’m looking forward to your comments and wish you all much success! Enjoy the rice!


Saffron-Barberry-Rice | Safran-Berberitzen-Reis |



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