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Curry Lentil Spread

And voila: it is 2014! For which I wish you all the best! Let’s see what the new year will bring. I am already curious how my cooking preferences will develop. Since he remembers, the man of my choice had problems with food allergies. So far our strategy was just to ignore them more or less. But last year we were at a point where this strategy no longer really worked. Since then we are in a trial-and-error phase and try to find out bit by bit the compatibility or incompatibility of different foods. Currently are following suspects at the top of our list: wheat, milk and yogurt, as well as soy products, while oats, Parmesan cheese or curd work.

So far I can eat food like soy or wheat without any problems, but nevertheless I do not feel like cooking regularly my own thing. Instead of this I prefer to look for alternatives which the two of us can eat without any problems. Fortunately, red lentils are ok. They are one of those ingredients that I just do not want to miss. What I like so much about them is their versatility, their relatively short cooking time and their nutrient content, especially when it comes to protein. For vegetarians they are also a great alternative to soy products. In case you never have tried a vegetarian bolognese with red lentils, you should really catch up quickly. A very delicious recipe you can find on the German blog Küchenchaotin. And also when it comes to my favorite vegetarian party recipe, the Egyptian Lentil Soup, which I shared end of last year on my blog, the red lentils are the star.

But not only for hot food red lentils are a good idea. You can make also a very delicious curry lentil spread from them. I discovered the recipe for this bread spread in the German book Grünes Eiweiß, which I introduced in December on Food Vegetarisch. Originally the recipe is calculated for 4 persons, but this was a little too much for me so that I slightly reduced the quantity. By the way, the curry lentil spread is also great as a pesto along with pasta. Probably the best would be, to simply try and have also a healthy and delicious start into the new year by this.

Curry Linsen Aufstrich |

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Curry Linsen Aufstrich |

Curry Linsen Aufstrich |

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